Thursday, June 30, 2011

Inconvenient airports

There are airports and then there are airports whose sole purpose in life seems to be to inconvenience the harried travelers transiting through them. Left with no choice (you aren't going to take your flight from a different airport) one is forced to resign oneself to one's fate.

I thought DFW Dallas was bad. You get to security, unload your possessions in plastic tubs, push them to the head of the line and then traverse a gap of four to five feet (times three, for the average traveler with laptop, toiletries, carry-on, laptop bag). I cannot imagine my mother having to go through such hassle.

So, remember that I said I thought Dallas was bad? Well, BOD Bordeaux is worse. You traverse a four foot gap TWICE per item or plastic tub. I mean, what the f***? Merde. Which yahoo designed this securité, s'il vous plait? Trou du cul.

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