Sunday, December 4, 2011

Clear Air Turbulence, Canadian Airspace. 12/04/11, approximately 8.30 a.m.

In my hundreds and hundreds of flights I have never experienced the kind of turbulence faced earlier today, somewhere northwest of Niagara, in Canadian airspace. I was on JA735A, a fully-loaded 777-381, operated by ANA. I was just stepping into the restroom when the plane dropped. I was lifted off my feet but was able to grab the handicap bar (yes, this is a plane meant for Japanese clientele and they care about such things) which prevented me from flying up to the restroom ceiling. I wasn't even able to shut the door - I just sat down on the toilet and yes, the previous (Japanese) passenger had lowered the lid over the toilet bowl. It was too shaky to get back to my seat so I just hung on and "rode the wave".

This is why one should always, always wear a seatbelt while seated. Clear air turbulence is amazing.