Saturday, March 31, 2012

Global Entry is amazing

I used my Global Entry card for the first time last week. Flew from Argentina (Buenos Aires, EZE/SAEZ) to US (Miami, FL, MIA/KMIA) on AA 964 which landed around 7 p.m. 

Got off the plane (gate D21, if I recall) and pretty much walked all around the airport to get to Immigration. Of course, the queues at Immigration were nightmarishly long and I was happy for the opportunity to test the USCIS CBP kiosks. The first bank of kiosks I saw were "out of service" and my heart sank, since, as I mentioned, the queues were horrendous. Fortunately, I saw a second bank of kiosks about ten feet away and they were available - not one person in line to use them! It took me less than twenty seconds to authenticate myself and pull up my APIS info. Biometric identification and CBP questions (no more forms, yay!) took a few seconds longer and then I got my Customs Clearance ticket!

It was smooth sailing past the crowds via a dedicated lane all the way to the baggage carousels. Zoom zoom zoom. Got my bags and handed my Customs Clearance ticket to the CBP Officer on my way out. Best thing that can happen to a frequent traveler. Well done, CBP! Thank you!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Global Entry

Signed up for USCIS CBP Global Entry. It took ten minutes to fill out an online form. Conditional approval was granted within 12h. Scheduled an interview with an Immigration Officer at Washington Dulles Airport. Pic, prints, instructions - five minutes. Done. Time savings will exceed the fifteen minutes I spent on this. Well done, USCIS. Thank you!

Amitava "Chats" Chatterjee
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