Thursday, May 26, 2011

On being bitten badly by insects at the AAirport

This is a first for me. In my years of traveling, flying hundreds of flights, in many countries all over the world, I have never been slaughtered by insects. This happened to me today. Not in India. Not in Africa. It happened in the business class lounge of a major US AAirline in Dallas DFW.

I was quietly biding my time - the AAirline had cancelled my 630p departure and put me on its 935p flight instead. I was reading the WSJ when out of the corner of my eye, I saw what appeared to be a tiny cockroach walking up my shirt. I immediately crushed it, and hurriedly got up to walk out of the lounge. Something made me go to the restroom on my way out, and I looked in the mirror. My face/cheeks and neck were covered in tiny red bites that had started to swell. This has never happened to me. I started to sweat and my face felt hot and puffy. On my way out I told the club receptionist what hAAppened. She offered to call me a paramedic but I had to get to my gate and board.

When I reached my plane, I asked the flight AAttendant if she had any medicine for insect bites. She appeared unconcerned when I told her what happened, and told me she could not dispense medicines. She did say I could see a doctor in DFW tomorrow if I wished. I'm really unsure how that could help since I was onboard a flight waiting to fly to DCA.

This sucks.