Saturday, April 16, 2011

"Best airport to be stuck in" Award. 04.16.11.

04.16.11. Bad weather in DCA. So I'm stuck in BOS. Been here for six hours already.
 They say I left but GIDS is lying. We are going to be here for atleast another TWO HOURS.
BOS Gate A10 GIDS Display

Fortunately, BOS has free wi-fi AND in-seating area power so my BlackBerry, Laptop, Bluetooth Earpiece and iPad are all juicing up!
BOS Seat Power System - AC Mains Power AND USB! Who designed this airport? Pure Genius.

... and, the icing on the cake... I have LOBSTAH ROLLS!
Lobstah Roll. So much better than some of the cud other airports try and pass off as "Food".

I can easily say "BOS gets the "Best Airport to be Stuck In" Award!". Yay!

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